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Urgent Acer Nitro 5 Serious Lag Problem


So if the issue is due to background activity then just RESTART YOUR PC. So running the Discord application as administration can be done by right-clicking on Discord and clicking on Discord run as admin. This will run your Discord app as administration but you have to repeat each and every time. To open Discord as administration without repeating the above steps Follow these few points. You have to ensure that you have done the above mentioned steps so that your device can take over control and the audio problem which facing will be resolved. To resolve this issue, it is recommendable to turn off the antivirus program for a while.

  • Another example is the ability to “markup” an area by looking at an object which creates a vertical beam of light similar to Beacons.
  • About that EOS webcam utility….you’d be disappointed.
  • Next, press the “Share Now” button to share the screen.
  • So you can take time to reset the settings of discord voice to make it work as usual.

Furthermore, the software has a fully customizable toolbox of editing features that gives your videos a professional touch. For Texture Filtering Quality, select the Performance Mode option. Set the Display Mode to Single Display Performance Mode. This can help massively if you have a multi-monitor setup as this tunnels the resources into a single display.

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A wired connection is ideal for gaming because it greatly reduces or even eliminates the possibility of lag. The minimum network speeds for online gaming are generally pretty low — both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live require only 3Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload. As is the norm with major game or update launches, there are a number of issues currently plaguing the game. Some players are reporting textures not loading in whilst others can’t hear their teammates through voice chat. My 1080Ti build I play warzone with has a 4770k @ 4.2ghz and it runs just fine at 1440p with everything set to ULTRA/no vsync.

The laptop appears to lag quite considerably at random times every few minutes, rendering the laptop virtually unusable. Most of the time when this occurs, I’m not gaming or doing anything intensive, so nothing seems to trigger this. I’ve had it for just over a week and this lag seems to have started in the past few days, maybe two or so.

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Some of the most common ping issues are high ping, ping spikes, rubberbanding, and network lag. As discussed, ping is just a RocketDrivers measure of time that it takes game data to travel. This means having some ping is unavoidable because it will always take some time for data to travel from a computer to the game server then back. While you can get near zero pings on LAN setups, the ping is not actually zero. Ping becomes a real problem when it gets too high. High ping is especially problematic in fast-paced games like Call of Duty. Additionally, many people who have had problems with Oculus Link lagging and stuttering have had none when using either Air Link or Virtual Desktop.

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